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Tel: +972-58-7907007


With a unique and carefully selected catalog of apartments in the most popular locations throughout the world, TLVSublet can answer guests many different needs and wants. 
Whether on a business trip, family or friends vacation, TLVSublet has a beautiful place for you to stay. 
TLVSublet provides its guests with a number of vacation supporting services for a soft landing within some of our destinations.
Among these services are:
* Airport shuttle
* Laundry services
* Currency exchange
* Bicycle rental
And more...
One of our representatives will be available for you 24/7.
You have reached to the right place to find your next place to stay on your next vacation.
In order to contact us you can simply call - +972-77-4977400 or contact us through our email:


Cleaning Services

Airport Transfers

Free WiFi

Fully Furnished

Free Parking


Dezingoff Square


The square, built in 1934, was part of the original urban plan by Sir Patrick Geddes, and was designed by architect Genia Averbuch. The idea to build a parking lot under the square went unrealized, and instead a roundaboutwas fashioned around the square, at its center a garden with a fountain and shady seating areas. For decades the square was a popular location and one of the landmarks of Tel Aviv's historic "White City"

The square is a circular plaza and has been a focal point of Tel Aviv since its establishment in the 1930s, its location in the very heart of Tel Aviv being one of the reasons. Dizengoff Square is named for Zina (Tzina), the wife of Tel Aviv's first mayor, Meir Dizengoff. Its original 1930s design was called "the Étoile of Tel Aviv" due to the form of the square - a roundabout at the meeting of six street

Gordon Beach



Gordon beach is one of the most famous and popular beaches in Tel Aviv

Hacarmel market



The Carmel Market, or Shuk HaCarmel, is the most famous of all Tel Aviv’s marketplaces. In recent years, it’s even joined the ranks of Tel Aviv’s trendy spots for bars, restaurants, coffee shops and chef-owned food stalls. It’s no wonder Shuk HaCarmel is Tel Aviv’s largest and most-centrally located shuk: From hand-made Jachnun, a traditional Yemenite dish, to boutique cheeses, and from one-off cotton clothes to designer threads, HaCarmel has it all. Plan your visit around your tastebuds and food preferences - salted fish, cured meats, Middle Eastern fare, fresh baked French pastries, and local-roasted coffee or fresh-pressed fruit or vegetable juice blends to wash it all down.